About Des


Hey there! I'm Des, a certified UX & UI Designer from Dublin, Ireland. I've always had a passion and interest in design, completing a BSc in Multimedia Computing initially in Swansea, Wales. My career path then focused on customer analytics, where I worked for some of the world's largest multinational companies using data to understand customer behaviours, communicated using different visual tools and problem solved technical software challenges.

Having this interest in understanding people's behaviour and also how users interacted with software and technology led me to explore the discipline of user experience design.

With my problem solving skills, curious nature, desire to help others and love for technology I now combine my commercial experience with my recent training courses to add immediate value for a company while advocating for the user at all times.

I have a very friendly manner and this helps me to work well in teams or when carrying out usability tests and interviews. I enjoy travelling, nature, scuba diving, and keeping fit.